Faith over Fear

Christian's Cancer Journey

After missing his junior year because of the pandemic, Christian Palacio was ecstatic for his senior year as running back/linebacker for the Central Kitsap High Cougars (Silverdale, WA). Just when his dreams seemed within his grasp, he was diagnosed with Myoepithelial Carcinoma, a very rare form of cancer. Now he is fighting for his life.

For Christian, his faith in God is central to who he is. His response is choosing to focus on FAITH OVER FEAR. But, he has a long road ahead of him if he’s going to ever achieve his dreams of playing football and, someday, becoming a firefighter.

Watch Christian’s story, and join him in his fight to put FAITH OVER FEAR. 

A Rare Cancer that Is Difficult to Treat

David's Testimonial

Our 17-year-old nephew, Christian, was recently diagnosed with myoepithelial carcinoma (MC) in August of 2021. MC is extremely rare and affects less than 1% of all people diagnosed with cancer. It is aggressive and has a high rate of recurrence and metastasis. Doctors do not have much information about MC or how to treat it. Due to its rarity, doctors admit chemotherapy has not proven successful against it.

We need your help. His treatment options will not be fully covered by insurance. He needs treatment that can heal him and bring him back to full health, in hopes he can play his spot on the varsity football team, enjoy his senior year of high school, and fully live out his life.

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